RAE Build sponsor tickets for children to attend Circus Starr event in Stafford
RAE Build sponsor tickets for children to attend Circus Starr event in Stafford

We are pleased to announce we have sponsored 5 children to attend the Circus Starr community event held on Sunday 2nd June this year at The Octagon, Stafford Enterprise Park, Weston Road, Stafford.

Circus Starr understand that attending mainstream events can be difficult for children with additional needs or families in difficult circumstances which is why they created a show in which shouting out, dancing and jumping up and down are expected. At their circus, everyone is absolutely encouraged to let go of their worries, get involved, and be themselves.

They bring all the fun of the circus to children and families that may have found this difficult in the past. They know that a circus is a family event that brings everyone closer, encourages creativity and allows people to become stronger and more able to face life’s challenges head on. They tour the UK bringing the very best in circus talent from around the world and stage 148 incredible, animal-free shows every year.

Who they do it for

Children with disabilities, families on low incomes, those facing challenges such as domestic violence, bereavement or who may be living with a life-limiting condition. Every child, whoever they are, is free to be themselves at a Circus Starr Show – shout with joy, move to the music or appear centre stage!

Why they do it

Circus Starr do it because nearly 1.5 million UK families can’t afford a single day out together. They do it because 50% of families with disabled children say that the stigma and discrimination they face makes them feel isolated. 

They create a magical world, harnessing the power of the circus and invite families with all kinds of different needs to have fun together in a safe, welcoming and unique atmosphere. In the Spring and Autumn Circus Starr can be experienced under the starry canopy of their big top; when winter makes accessibility more difficult, they perform indoors – using existing buildings during the colder and more unpredictable months means that they never disappoint their deserving audiences.

One example of a child who loved the show was a girl called Abi who has epilepsy, ADHD and Autism, which her Mum told Circus Starr can often make attending events challenging.

“We had to keep her in her seat with lots of popcorn so that she would give the show a try, and once engaged, she loved it!

It was very inclusive and the fact that it was relaxed performance meant we could relax a bit too as everyone in the audience would totally understand any child’s behaviour without judgement.

It was something positive for us to get excited about that was designed to put less stress on us, and a great opportunity for our daughter to have a great evening out with us,” said Abi’s mother.

For more information on Circus Starr and to make a donation please visit their website here: https://www.circus-starr.org.uk